Thursday 7 April 2011

Community Action Placement, Felix Stickland

Hi! I'm Felix, I've come down from Somerset to do my Community Action Placement as part of my scholarship with Rank Foundation.

I am currently studying AS levels at Sherborne School (Music, Music Technology and Art) with a view to go on and study an aspect of the music industry. I'm in the Lower 6th at Sherborne.
     I am involved with many of the activities around the school, most are to do with sport and music. I played for the 1st XV rugby last season and have played Sevens through-out the Lent Term. Over the coming summer I will be travleing to Australia with next seasons 1st XV.
     I am hugely involved with the music department at Sherborne, apart from studying two "musical" subjects for my A levels I am studying Guitar and Saxaphone as instrumental lessons. I playing many of the groups at Sherborne, e.g. the Swing Band (Big Band), the Jazz Band, and many of the "Rock" Bands.

Outside of school my hobbies and general interests are still heavily involved with music. Much of my time is spent recording myself, working on new material of my own, or recording other artists. At the moment I'm am writing songs for a three-piece Acoustic group playing Folk/Rock. Looking for new gigs is always on my mind.

During my time down in the Lizard with the Lizard Outreach Trust (LOT) I have done a small piece of research about young leaders and ambassidors in and around the Lizard. I have been going into Mullion school, which is in the nearby village, to help young people with different aspects of everyday school life, e.g. I sat in with the "Funk Group" and helped out the rhythum section by guiding the guitarists through the song, with myself playing, I did a similar thing with a smaller "Rock Band" which rehearsed every Wednesday in St. Keverne, I helped by playing along with them.
     One of the music workshops, in the local youth centre, I helped run with the help of another young person. We taught anyone who wanted to play along with us, showing them certain techniques of playing, scales with which to "solo" etc....

For myself I fround it a very useful experience in teaching/interacting with young people. I have hugely benefited from my time here and will use the skills I have aquired down here in my later life..... 

Tuesday 5 April 2011

FREE Summer Exchange
24th - 28th July 2011- Cornwall
1st - 5th August 2011- London

OPEN TO…?                      YOUNG PEOPLE AGE 15-20

COST…?                             COMPLETELY FREE



The city and sea exchange brings together young people - 12 from Cornwall and 12 From London - to explore the maritime theme and learn about the importance of the sea in the world economy; historically and today. You’ll take part in a range of exciting activities and trips to increase your understanding of the sea, and find out about potential careers in the industry. Alongside, it is also a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and gain an insight into living in a big city compared to a rural village.

It is a FREE residential exchange.

Apply online via our 'join in' page on
Contact Jenny Dickinson 
Visit our website for more info & past trips

Past Activities have included:
water sports at Coverack Windsurf school, BBQ’s, visits to local attractions, RNAS Culdrose,RNLI Lifeboat station, local fishermen and craftsmen’s workshops, Kayaking & Mylor Harbour, Tate St Ives, Falmouth Coastguard station and Lizard Lighthouse
Interactive tour of the city’s top maritime firms and attractions, including the Baltic Exchange, Thames Barrier, the World famous Lloyds of London, visit the National Maritime Museum, plus a guided river cruise on the Thames, a trip on the London Eye, the London Aquarium and much more!

Saturday 2 April 2011

Surfboard Shaping

We had our first surfboard shaping session today which was excellent.  Mark from Glass Tiger brought along a couple of his stunning boards to give us some inspiration.
We have designed the shape of the boards we want and will start the shaping next week, which will be a fun and messy job!  We even managed to fit in some time to chill and eat lunch in the sunshine.

Thanks to all the guys who came along it was good fun, and we'll see you same time, same place next week.

Keep checking and we'll upload some pics as the boards start to take shape.

Thursday 17 March 2011


The Music Workshops in St Keverne are running every Wednesday 4:30 - 6:30.

We have been having great fun, we've started writing our own song and it's sounding great, we will hopefully record it once it's finished.  We have learnt drums, bass guitar, lead guitar and we have some singers

If you are a young person and would like get involved, come along on a Wednesday, you can bring your own instrument, whatever it is, or use ours. We meet at St Keverne Church Hall. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Wednesday 9 March 2011

Challenger Yacht Sailing Trip
February Half Term

We had an amazing week sailing.  Huge Thanks to Tall Ships Youth Trust and The Rank Foundation for supporting this trip.

We sailed from Portsmouth to Poole, to Weymouth, to Cowes before returning to Portsmouth.  The crew was made up of Emily, Ness, Leah, Esme and Jenny from Cornwall; Kyle, Eliot, Chris and Dean from Falkirk in Scotland; Ozzy, Jamal, Nadeem and Mijanoor from Ashton in Lancashire.  Tall Ships Crew were Paul:Skipper, Di:First Mate and De: Watch Leader

  We had never met before and it was a challenge working together on the boat, but we did some great sailing and we all learnt lots.  We all received our RYA Start Yachting Certificates, Emily & Leah gained their Competent Crew Qualification and they were also recommended as assistant watch leaders by the skipper!

If you would like to find out more about Sailing opportunities with Tall Ships Youth Trust and Jubilee Sailing Trust get in touch!

Wednesday 2 March 2011

City & Sea Exchange

City & Sea Exchange

Cornwall 24th - 28th July
London 1st - 5th August

OPEN TO...?        Young People Aged 15 - 20 years

COST...?        Completely Free

REQUIREMENTS...?      You must be willing to take part in adventure sports, swim and want o enjoy yourself

WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT....?    The exchange will run for its fifth successful year!  It brings together 12 young people from Cornwall and 12 from London- to explore the maritime theme and learn about the importance of the sea in the world economy; historically and today. 
You will take part in a range of exciting activities and trips to increase your understanding and discover potential careers in the industry.

Alongside it is a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and gain an insight into living in a big city.

You will spend 4 days in London and the London Group will spend 4 days in Cornwall.

If you'd like to take part send us your details on the JOIN IN page

Surfboard Shaping and Construction



AGE 14+

Saturday 1-4pm


Starting 26th March

For 6 weeks

we are offering you the chance to apply for a place on this Course.
Over 6 weeks You will learn to design and shape unique environmentally responsible, durable, custom wooden surfboard

upcoming events page
Or email Jenny:
Places are limited